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Learn to Re-Write YOUR Story

Hello.  I am on a medical sabbatical indefinitely.  If you are in need of assistance, please look at therapyden for therapists or email me and I can provide referrals. With gratitude, Stephanie. 


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Meet Stephanie Dunn

Hey!  I am Stephanie (she/her), a licensed professional counselor.  I enjoy anything that taps into my creative side.  Art journaling is my favorite!  My geriatric dog, Ringo Starr Dunn, is the most resilient mammal in St. Louis.  He has been hit by a car twice and jumped out of a moving car. He is now almost 20 years young.  He gets back up and continues on this road called life.  He and I are similar creatures when it comes to being knocked down and getting back up.  Through my own therapy, I have learned resiliency, empowerment and what works for me when I am feeling down.  I believe laughter is the best medicine and dancing to be the best form of body movement! 



  • Individual Counseling Services for Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults

  • Virtual and In Person Sessions


Depression Counseling

Have you lost interest in daily activities, overwhelmed, feeling sad or feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere in sight? Feelings of hopelessness?  I am here to process this with you and empower you to get your life back.


LGBTQ+ Folks

Are you looking for a therapist that is part of the LGBTQ+ community, is trained and knowledgeable?  Do you feel like you can't be authentically you in all areas of life?  Do you experience covert or overt discrimination? Are you exploring your gender identity or sexuality?  I provide a safe, inclusive and accepting space to explore further.  


Are you unable to turn your mind off?  Are your thoughts overwhelming?  Do you constantly ask yourself "what if" questions? I am here to help with challenging these thoughts and building mindfulness skills. 


Art Therapy Techniques

I implement art activities with individuals that are wanting to tap into their creative side.  Sometimes, we can process issues/concerns through art. Engaging in art can also create a sense of calm and help us explore strengths and visions of ourselves.


Grief Counseling

Do you feel angry? Are you bargaining?  Are you in denial?  Are you having intense feelings of sadness?  Grief comes in waves and there is no "right" way to grieve.  I am here to walk this journey with you and find what works best for you. 


Pre-Teen & Teen Counseling

Does your teen feel overwhelmed with expectations at school or home?  Do they struggle with opening up?  Do they struggle with self-esteem? Anxiety?  Depression?  Therapy can be the safe space they are needing to be authentically them.  Having a non-biased adult to talk with can be beneficial to their mental health.

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