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Individual Therapy


Do you struggle with feelings of persistent anxiety and depression? Are you having difficulty moving past barriers? Or maybe you feel trapped by the pressures of abiding by societal norms? Learn how to accept yourself for who you are, not compare yourself to others, grow in confidence and strength, and write your own story.

As a licensed professional counselor, I work with adolescents and adults, who are solution-focused and motivated to not only heal but flourish. As part of the therapeutic process, we will explore your core self and personality, while building personal responsibility, inner strength, and compassion. Don’t be discouraged by self-doubt. You can do this.

It’s time to face the pain of your past and present, grieve your losses, set boundaries, and care for your own mind, body, spirit, and heart. 

Individual sessions will be in a safe space that allows you to dig deep into any issues or barriers you are experiencing. We can meet in the office or virtually.   

Parent/Guardian Sessions

Parents/Guardians may request a separate session to discuss progress being made, discuss struggles at home/school and explore skills to use at home. However, no information from the sessions with your teen will be shared unless the teen has agreed prior to this session.  This is to build trust and provide a safe space for your teen. These sessions would be more geared towards parent coaching sessions. 

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